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Sleep Thera-P TRI-ZONE Pillow - Single

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Years of research and technology has resulted in creating the TRI-ZONE pillow's Therapeutic Neck Support, Luxurious Comfort and Correct Sleep Levels.
TRI-ZONE supports the cervical curve of the spine whether you sleep on your back our your side, providing alignment of the head, neck and shoulders reducing stress and tension.

Neck, back and spine pain caused through misalignment can be dramatically eased or cured by sleeping on the TRI-ZONE pillow.

The TRI-ZONE pillow breathes through tiny of millions of tiny cells and is constructed with special tunnels allowing constant air flow, eliminating sleep wrinkles.

Anti allergic, anti bacterial and anti static.
Higher ventilation for better breathability.
Individually molded in simulated latex.
Firm support.
Ultimate sleep support.
Cotton / Polyester cover