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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Crawl-Around Learning Centre

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This bright and colorful toy is designed specifically to encourage multiple aspects of your toddlers growth.

The Learning Centre has a variety of play activities incorporating the use of sounds, songs, tunes and phrases.

The Learning Center consists of two double-sided square panels that stand vertically.

The Learning Centre comprises a playing board - with playback for over 200 sounds, phrases, songs, and tunes in responses to toddlers' actions / input.

Your toddler will be able to crawl under / through an arch between the two panels - resulting in songs, music and other learning content being played. Parents can select age-appropriate levels (Fisher Price refers to this as "Smart Stages Technology"), which allows levels and play activities to be selected which are ideal for their child specific stage of development.

The different levels are:

- Level 1 - "Explore” This encourages exploration and activities are customized for kids ages 6 months. Suitable for learning first words, hearing sounds and arousing curiosity.

- Level 2 “Encourage” Ideal for kids aged 1 and older. This stage prompts learning through simple directions and questions.

- Level 3 "Pretend" For kids 18-months old, parents can switch to the last level, “Pretend”, which is programmed to offer role-play games that promote imaginative fun.

The following games and activities feature on the pannels...

- Panel 1: Shapes Lots of fund can be had removing the shaped pieces and sending them down the chute. This section is also designed to teach the alphabet. There are four illuminated light up piano keys or learn colors and body parts from the textured puppy drawing.

- Panel 2: Phone calls and recordable voice messages A pretend phone is built in to this panel enabling your child to pretend to make a phone call. Great for imaginative play, personal messages can also be pre-recorded for playback to the child. This panel features a light switch and drawings that introduce kids to the concept of opposites. -

Panel 3: Sensory play items. A mirror, jumbo rattle roller, textured turtle and fishbowl clicker all encourage tactile and sensory development. - Panel 4: The last activity panel does not require batteries for kids to engage in play. It features a sliding window for playing peek-a-boo and customizable picture frames.